Best Places to Take Afternoon Tea With Your Children in Central London

Central London offers great places for visitors to take afternoon tea with their children. The city’s best children’s afternoon teas are designed to engage, entertain and fill up the kids. Keeping this in mind, here are the best places to take afternoon tea with your children in Central London.

The Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea at The Sanderson Hotel – have a magical time with your children

The Sanderson Hotel has a modern interior and a contemporary setting that makes the afternoon tea feel special. Based on the 1865 novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea is designed to ensure visitors and their families have a memorable time. With pastries and other sweet treats coming from the novel that was written by the English author Lewis Carroll, the hotel offers a range of different menus including a choice between savoury and sweet cones and a variety of teas.

Royal Lancaster London – experience a quintessentially British tradition

Located on the border of the Grade I-listed Hyde Park, Royal Lancaster London offers a unique and refreshing afternoon tea in the centre of the city.

Visitors get to relax with their children while enjoying an enticing assortment of warm baked scones, delicious sandwiches and sweet delicacies accompanied by a wide selection of fine teas. While the children are enjoying their afternoon tea, adults can also enjoy a glass of champagne.

Afternoon Tea Adventure at One Aldwych – start the adventure inside the chocolate factory

One Aldwych’s afternoon tea was inspired by the children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory written by the British author Roald Dahl. Visitors can take their children to One Aldwych’s afternoon tea to enjoy savour delights such as blueberry cake pops and candy floss. These delicious treats come with scones and sandwiches.

Buzzy Bees Afternoon Tea at St. Ermin’s Hotel – visitors can spoil their children with a stylish and delicious afternoon tea

After proposing the delicious “NineTea”, which was in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday in 2016, the Buzzy Bees Afternoon Tea (designed for children) and Honey Afternoon Tea (designed for adults) were launched. Here is a site with more places where visitors can take their children in Central London

There are many reasons why visitors should treat their children to one of these places in Central London. They offer bite-sized delicacies, sweet treats, finger food and crustless sarnies, all on a kid-friendly timetable.

A short history of the manicure in the UK

Manicures from Babylonian days

Who can believe that the ancient Babylonians, now known as Iraq, loved tending to their nails and that the oldest manicure set ever, made from solid gold, was discovered there and dates back to 3,200 BC?

During the medieval- and Tudor periods, manicured nails were indicative of a pampered, affluent lifestyle. It was about 1970 that the first nail studios were opened.

Since ancient times, the nail care industry has grown and these days there are so many nail treatments available and nail polishes in every colour and style. The goal in the 21st century as it was in the early history of the manicure, is to present your hands and nails looking well-groomed.

Manicures make for a Relaxing Outing

The great thing about nail bar treatments is that you can rope in your sister or a friend and make a manicure a relaxing outing. You can simply chill out, escape and try something new and exciting and maybe even a time of renewal.

The K West Hotel & Spa offers these manicures during the week and on the weekend. With so many fashions for nails, if you don’t like the way your nails look, change them. The K. West Hotel is alert to the fresh, the new and original and they apply their creative skill in the art of nail beauty care.

What’s more, with brands like Vinylux and Shellac you know that the nail polish has staying power. Ordinary polishes chip and break down with time but these polishes are far more durable. You benefit from a superior brand service with the chip-free manicure technology.

New nails, new outfit

Once you’re done with your nails, the K West Hotel is close to the shopping hotspot Westfield, and with your brand new nails, it’s time to hit the shops for an outfit to liven your looks. Want a manicure that gives your nails a pearly gloss? These days, unlike with the early manicures, you find fast-drying polishes. They come in heaps of different shades that can be applied with speed because of the different shaped