Explore Thailand: Rama II

Phuttaloetla Nabhalai, Rama II, who is now known as Buddha Loetla Nabhalai, was born on February 24, 1767. He was born into the family of King Rama I and queen Amarindra. In this article, we intend to cover important facts about the life of Rama II, King of Thailand.

Rama as King

Rama II was born in the second Chakri Dynasty king. This came after his father, Rama I, had expanded the Thai territory by driving away Burmese, who were the early occupants of this part of the kingdom. His reign lasted from 1809 and 1924. In this period, he was known as the Great Artist and the poet king.


UNESCO, in 1968, declared Rama II as a heritage person. In his lifetime, the king had 73 children, of which two served as kings. Chesda Bondindra eventually became Rama III, while his brother, Mongkut, became Rama IV.

Rama I became king when Rama II was only 16 years old. Because of this, Rama II was made the prince, and alongside his father, he took part in lots of military campaigns. Rama II was pronounced the deputy king in 1806 and became king at the age of 42, when his father died.

The White Elephant King

Besides being known as the Poet King and the Great Artist, Rama II was popularly known as the White Elephant King. This is because he kept many white elephants. It is worth noting that white elephants are considered good luck in Thailand. Later on, the white elephant would be included as part of the national flag of Thailand.

Thailand today

The country of Thailand today is still ruled by the same dynasty that Rama II’s father setup. The Kingdom’s capital city, Bangkok, is a meeting point for foods, cultures and entertainment that has been the colourful backdrop for popular Hollywood films. According to the Thai tourism board, 2019 saw over 39 million people visit and explore Thailand, one of the true gems of the Far East.